March of Darkness


A recap to bring us current

[This log post will be very brief as my notes were sparse. Original real game date, May 20, 2007]

In Grennis… during the spring festival (a weeklong celebration). Group is staying at The Leaping Lord, room 206. There is a party that evening at The Leaping Lord.

Around 2 pm, Koveras meets Zerand and Gnajira at lunch. Rowen researches Hera & the oak tree symbol. Man’xia (P:17/B:12), Priestess of Sargon, approaches the group.

Breakfast at The Leaping Lord. Rowen is hungover. The party finds Man’xia and battles the followers of Vandrail. The last priest flees; Zerand chases down and murders the priest.

The last day of the Spring Festival. Find a gnome party and have fun.

Koveras leaves with Man’xia.



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