March of Darkness

Echoes of the Past

3-1-768 There appears to be a magical mutation affecting mundane animals in Grennis. While in the park, Gnajira witnesses a small dog, Chester, mutate and begin jumping incredibly high into the air. Further investigation by the party reveals that this is occuring throughout the city. There seem to be random magical effects that result in at-will magical abilities being manifested by animals. This mutation also results in death within a few short months.

Ka-blahk, a kobold wizard, is tasked by the mage’s guild to investigate the mutations. He encounters Gnajira and Rowyn at a local vetrinarian and offers to combine their efforts to track down the cause and possible solutions to the dilemma.

After doing some basic research at the university and wizard’s guild libraries, the group discovers a magical/healing crystal ritual used by an ancient race of bearmen, the Pandaren, that lived in the Cedenic Mountains. Armed with a general location, they set off.

Zerand and Ka-blahk get the group access to a teleportation circle that takes them to Westridge. Gnajira recalls that Westridge is where her fellow gnomes defeated Malignos. The party stays at “The Iron Oar” for a reasonable 2cp per room per night. Rowyn and Gnajira party in the gnome enclave in Westridge.

3-2-768 Zerand purchases a detailed map of the area. The party leaves Westdridge. Around noon, they reach a fork in the road that branches off to Gnognak to the north and Gnairit to the south. They leave the road and enter the foothills. That night, after setting up camp, they see a campfire downhill and to the south. While they are deciding what to do, Uthgan appraoches the camp stealthily. He recognizes Gnajira and joins the group, offering to lead them into the mountains.

3-3-768 Uthgan leads the party through several abandoned goblin villages. That night they camp in one such village.

3-4-768 Around noon, the group moves into a beautiful protected valley. There is a high amount of magic that naturally infuses the area. Investigation of the area reveals a magical waterfall, with a small alcove hidden behind. Within the alcove is an illusory wall that leads to an underwater corridor. This opens into a highly decorated hallway of worked stone. Following this hallway, it opens up into a large room with a sandpit in the center. Rowyn manifests psychic impressions of the area. The place hasn’t been used for several centuries. There is only one evant that is significantly emotionally charged. She witnesses a very brief, but fatal, battle between two pandaren in the sandpit. The combatants are squared-in by 60 pandaren standing against the walls. The victor leads the pandaren out of the building and that is the most recent event.

Outside the building is an open area with smaller living quarters arranged in a semi-circle. Opposite the sandpit building is what appears to be a lager common-use building. In the center of the clearing is a stone table with a ley line shooting out of the ground through the middle of the table into the sky.

In the common use building is a magical worktable and forge. In the back of the building is a giant wood chest with a magical lock that can only be opened by a cypher. The group deciphers the code and opens the chest. Inside they find four Pandaren magic items and a magical case that contains the magic/healing crystal ritual. As time is of the essence, they head back immediately to Grennis.

3-7-768 Return to Westridge, get a free teleport back to Grennis.

3-8-768 Begin ritual in the Grennis town square. Word gets out and others bring their animals.

3-14-768 Finish the ritual… success! The group becomes quite famous in Grennis.

The party tracks the health of some affected animals. The animals appear to recover completely.

3-17-768 End::AM



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