March of Darkness

Of Subterfuge and Sabotage

1-10-768 In Grennis… Zerand is investigated for the murder of a citizen of Grennis, the party is told not to leave the city in the near future.

1-11-768 A priestess of Hera arrives and shuts the investigation down; Zerand is cleared of any charges.

1-12-768 Zerand is approached by a fellow wizard, Latrasha. She tells him about a strange magical aura that she noticed coming from an alley in town during the Spring Festival. The first day she saw it was 1-3 and she saw it every night until 1-7 (the last day of the festival). She told her instructor at the mage school, but he did not take her seriously. She remembered speaking with Zerand during the Festival and felt he would be able to investigate further.

The party agrees to delve further into the mystery. Latrasha guides them to the alley where she saw the magical aura. It is in a bad part of town and she is very uncomfortable being there. In the alley there is a drainage grate down into the sewers. A magical aura is infused throughout the area of the sewer. They pry off the grate and head down. Latrasha does not go with them.

Moving through the sewers, Zerand is able to detect a “flow” of magical energy. Following the magical aura “upstream” to more concentrated magic, the party encounters a horribly diseased sewer rat. The rat is much larger than normal and seems to be afflicted with a large number of problems. The party dispatches it and stays clear of it afterwards.

The group finally comes to a “hidden” storage room. It has been bricked up fairly recently, but effort was put in to match the worn down appearance of the surrounding brickwork. After tearing down the older bricks, they discover a magic circle/ritual fills the small room. The magic is active and causing the aura to disperse. Rowyn manifests a psychic impression of the room and “sees” the completion of the ritual with an attractive human male, with a scar down the left side of his face, guiding 4 orcs in finishing the ritual. He used the end of his own little finger to power the circle. Gnajira recognizes Rowyn’s description of the man in her vision as the villian Malignos she had encountered about a year-and-a-half ago while she was adventuring with her gnome companions. The party disrupts the circle, taking the fingerbone, cauldron and 4 bowls that were the focuses for the circle. Zerand confirms that the magic of the ritual is no more, although there is still a lingering effect from the magic aura. Gnajira holds onto Malignos’ fingerbone.

1-13-768 The party asks the Church of Sargon to verify the ritual is disrupted.

1-14-768 The party informs and picks up Latrasha. They all go to the church of Sargon and the priests have figured out the purpose of the ritual – multiple subtle effects; disease, poison, curse and confusion. The aura was passive and only rarely affected the target (natural 1 save), but was almost impossible to detect once out in open air and would have continued to target those that previously had resisted the effects.

The party is awarded 50 gp credit each for use with the Pantheon of Cedenia or the Wizard’s Guild. Time advances…

3-1-768 End



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